A catamaran is characterized by its two hulls, which means your boat will have significantly more stability, space, and comfort. This means that catamarans are often the ideal choice for a cruise with a group of friends or family, as you will have more space to relax together, eat and sunbathe; Chartering a crewed catamaran is the epitome of luxury, as you get to see the world's most beautiful shallow seas in comfort and style.

Charterers are consistently drawn to luxury catamarans because their multi-hull construction provides a variety of advantages. Its one-of-a-kind design has luxurious deck areas that are both conveniently accessible and expansive for relaxing and entertaining. The boat's multi-hull design not only makes for luxurious trips throughout the Greek and the Turkish Riviera, but also lets you dock in places that other boats can't reach.

If you're searching for a sailing or powered sailboat for your charter holiday, there are two types of catamarans to choose. Catamarans are fun for any yachtsman to sail because they generate less drag and are more maneuverable than monohulls, and powered catamarans are ideal for individuals who value speed above all else.