Turkish riviera

The Turkish Riviera also known as the Turquoise Coast, is a 120 km long coastline in southern Turkey between Çeşme and Alanya. /DataPict/Large/turkish-riviera-1-88.jpg The sailing is good here and the significant marinas have all the necessary facilities. It is an idyllic sailing area with ancient ruins to explore, golden beaches, and warm, turquoise waters. 

Sailing in Turkey puts you at the crossroads of history, culture, geography and religion. This vast peninsula is surrounded by eight countries and on three sides by the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas. It’s one of the world’s oldest inhabited regions, a former home to Assyrian, Greek and Phrygian civilizations, among others. With more than 500 islands and islets and 4,400 miles of coastline, it is no wonder Turkey is a sailor’s paradise.

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