7-Day Sailing Itinerary In The Guadeloupe

Day 1

Marina Bas Du Fort

You’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars with creole food, such as mahi mahi, and music at our base, Marina Bas Du Fort, which will entertain you for your first night.
Day 2

Sail to Marie Galante

Sail to Marie Galante for your first experience of snorkeling in Guadeloupe. Be careful of the buoys and lobster pots, which the local fisherman have placed everywhere around the island.
Day 3

Explore Marie Galante

Explore Marie Galante and its beaches and anchorages.
Day 4

The archipelago of Les Saintes

Head west to the archipelago of Les Saintes, where you can find a good number of anchorages in the natural harbor.
Day 5

Explore Les Saintes

Explore Les Saintes by scooter, bus, or on foot and don’t miss Fort Napoleon and the beautiful beaches.
Day 6

Visit the Islet Gosier

Visit the Islet Gosier with its lush vegetation, surrounded by a large coral reef. The perfect spot for a swim and snorkel.
Day 7

Return to Marina Bas Du Fort

Return to Marina Bas Du Fort in Guadeloupe, spending your final night in the marina.
Day 8

Marina Bas du Fort to disembark.

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