Top destinations of Turkish Riviera

Marmaris is the most popular Turkish yacht charter location just one hour drive from Dalaman airport. Marmaris is situated at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. It's one of the world's largest natural harbours, surrounded by pine-covered hills. Like Gocek and Bodrum, Marmaris is currently a major starting or ending location for Blue Cruise.

Marmaris, in the province of Mugla, is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations. The Gökova Gulf borders the Mediterranean to the north. The Datca Peninsula lies to the west while the Köycegiz Lake is to the east. Marmaris's jewels are the hills that slope into the sea and the lovely bays. People from Scandinavia and other countries have acquired houses in Marmaris for vacation or retirement.

Due to the rugged nature of the surrounding terrain, forestry plays an essential role in the area's economy. 65,000 hectares of woodland surround the town.

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Fethiye is a key port in the famous Blue Cruise region of Turkey. Fethiye is 135 km southwest of Marmaris and has an outstanding and busy marina. It is one of Turkey’s most popular yacht charter destinations, especially in summer, due to its gorgeous natural setting on a wide bay strewn with many islands, and its laid-back lifestyle ashore. Located in Turkey's Blue Cruise area, Fethiye is a major port.

Located in the city of Mugla, Fethiye is a well-known area. It is 50 kilometres from Dalaman International Airport on Turkey's Eastern coast. Temessos, the ancient city that formerly stood where Fethiye now stands, may still be seen in the town's remains and in the theatre that once stood there. The town is a famous tourist destination thanks to its stunning natural beauty. During the summer months, Fethiye's population swells to roughly 115,000 people.

Fethiye is located about 135 kilometres southwest of Marmaris and has one of the best marinas in the country. Due to its stunning local habitat in a broad bay dotted with several islands and the laid-back vibe ashore, it is a favourite summer yacht charter destination in Turkey.

Fethiye has been a popular destination for tourists because of its cosmopolitan vibes. Marinas in the town serve tourists and cruise ships from all over the world, as well as residents. Tourists will find everything they need in the town. This is the only city in the world where you'll find a sarcophagus and a number of temples and ruins littering the streets, as well as some of the best seafood restaurants in the world.

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Many worldwide celebrities and jet-setters, as well as yachtsmen from both Turkey and the rest of the world, have made Gocek a regular stopover.

Dalaman International Airport, which can be accessed in one hour from Istanbul, is about 20 minutes from this beautiful region. Club Marina, Skopea Marina, Mücev Marinas, Marinturk Göcek Village Port, Marinturk Göcek Exclusive and D-Marin Gocek are some of the most important marinas in Göcek currently. Islands and coves in a huge and isolated bay are among the most distinctive features of the town. Because of its position, it has a lot of potential for yacht tourism. Göcek was designated a Registered Special Protection Area in 1988. Because multi-story structures are prohibited, the town's hotels, motels, apartment hotels, and pensions are all two-story establishments located in the city centre and its outskirts. At the same time, Göcek is known for being a lot more pleasant and serene village than other tourist hotspots, even though it has all the required infrastructure, capacity, and services.

The Dalaman–Fethiye motorway runs through Göcek. Until 2006, the only way to get to Göcek from Dalaman was through a small and twisting road. However, the Göcek vehicle tunnel, which was completed in June 2006, has greatly improved the town's access. As a toll road, the vehicle tunnel is the first example of a build, operate, and transfer

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Bodrum is the hub of the Blue Cruise area, a popular starting point for Aegean sailing cruises. Bodrum represents freedom, love, sun, sea, and history... In short, Bodrum is everything. Everyone has their own Bodrum here. Mankind is divided into two distinct groups. Bodrum is a White that internalizes all hues. It rains differently here, and the light rises and sets differently. And the sea smells strange. Bodrum is Nature Mother's naughtiest, haughtiest, most inert, lovely, honest, and frank child.

Bodrum is one of the most important trades, cultural, and entertainment cities in the world today... This coastal town where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony welcomes all who wish to know and experience it. Kos is 50 minutes by boat from Bodrum, with at least three operators offering daily trips.

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